What allergens does O’MY contain?

Coconut, which is considered a tree nut by the FDA, but in fact very few are allergic to. We created O’MY to be shared, so we intentionally crafted flavors avoiding common allergens like peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat, dairy and egg.

Is O’MY Vegan?

Yes, O’MY is entirely plant based.

Is O’MY lactose free?

Yes, O’MY is dairy and lactose free.

Do any of your flavors have caffeine?

Yes, per 2/3 cup serving our Coffee Chip and Coffee Break flavors have about 40 mg and our Mint Chip has about 5 mg.

Do your products contain corn?

We have five flavors that contain ingredients derived from corn. Our Keto Friendly line, which includes Coffee Break, My O’MY Vanilla, Cake Walk, and I Love Chocolate, is made with allulose derived from corn. The natural flavor in Cake Batter, Cake Walk, and I Love Chocolate contains alcohol derived from corn.

What ingredients are Fair Trade Certified?

We use Fair Trade Certified cocoa powder which is used in our Chocolate and I Love Chocolate flavors. We also use Fair Trade Certified Chocolate pieces which are used in our Mint Chip and Coffee Chip flavors.

Why did you switch from carob gum to the vegetable gums (Acacia, Tara and Guar)

We like to keep it simple!  We aim to use as few ingredients as possible and always have them be really real.  Since launching O’MY in 2018 we’ve learned a lot more about what happens to ice cream from when we make it to when you enjoy it, and there are a lot of steps in between.  Everyone deserves consistently rich and creamy gelato without the ice crystals you sometimes see.  We want O’MY to always taste amazing, and this small tweak to our recipe will make a big difference in the what you see and in what you taste!

What’s your Non-GMO Project status?

We are Non-GMO Project Verified.

What is Allulose and why did you choose it for your lower sugar flavors?

Allulose is a low-calorie, “rare” sugar found naturally in fruits, such as figs and raisins, as well as other vegetables and plants.  Even though it’s found naturally in some fruit, it is also made from corn and potatoes.  Currently our non-GMO Project Verified allulose come from non-GMO corn.

Allulose has a neutral flavor, like cane sugar, but it only has 70% of its sweetness.  Allulose works well with other natural sweeteners like monk fruit and stevia to provide the overall sweet, yet not too sweet, taste you expect from O’MY!  It does not have a cooling effect like erythritol or the digestive impact of some sugar alcohols.  The most exciting part- allulose has 1/10 the calories of cane sugar and has no glycemic impact, making it a great choice to lower the sugar and keep the taste!

We also love that allulose allows us to keep our recipe simple without having to add other ingredients like pea protein and fiber found in many lower sugar and dairy free desserts.

We think you are going to start hearing a lot more about allulose.  Based on current research of how allulose functions and is metabolized in the body, in April 2019 the FDA issued draft guidance that exempts allulose from total sugars and added sugars labeling requirements on the new Nutrition Facts labels that went into effect January 2020.

I Love Chocolate and Cake Walk flavors both have 2 grams of sugar per 2/3 cup serving.

I want my favorite local store to carry O’MY what should I do?

Download this store request PDF and share it with your store.